BSS (The Saffron Suite) gets top marks for Hygiene.



Bhat Singh Sabha Reuseable Energy Project

In keeping with the Governments environmental initiative on converting to cleaner sustainable, reusable energy - Bhat Singh Sabha today took their first step by having their whole site surveyed, with a view to adapting the building to run on Solar Power and Wind Turbine generators.

The survey has shown that their community enterprise building, the Saffron Centre is ideally located in Highgate to harness both reusable sources of energy and significantly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. Early calculations indicate that over this reduction could be well over 6 tonnes per annum.

The Chief Executive -Shivnabh Singh said that Bhat Singh Sabha have been encouraged by these findings and are now proceeding with a full scale business plan to move the ‘BhatSol’ project forward.. He said that whilst the solar roof and wind Turbine generators may not supply all of our energy needs the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions were enough to move forward. The Directors are one hundred percent committed to this project and hope that other community organizations and community buildings would follow.