1. You just left London.

2. Leave the ‪A1‬ (‪Holloway Road‬), and join the ‪M1‬ at the M1 J2 junction direction ‪M1‬, ‪ The North‬, ‪ M25 West‬. A1 Northbound Islington To Archway

3. Leave the ‪M1‬ at junction M1 J19 and straight ahead onto ‪M6‬ direction ‪Birmingham‬, ‪ M6‬, ‪ The North West‬, ‪ Coventry (North)‬.

4. Leave the ‪M6‬ at junction M6 J6 and straight ahead onto ‪A38(M)‬ direction ‪a38(m)‬, ‪ Birmingham (Central)‬.

5. You are entering Birmingham.

6. Leave the ‪A38(M)‬ and straight ahead onto ‪A5127‬ (‪Aston Road‬) direction ‪ring Road‬.

7. After 538 yards take the 1st Exit off the ‪Dartmouth Circus‬ (Roundabout) onto ‪A4540‬ (‪Dartmouth Middleway‬).

8. After 1.9 miles take the 1st Exit off the ‪camp Hill Circus‬ (Roundabout) onto ‪A34‬ (‪Stratford Road‬).

9. Turn right onto ‪Auckland Road‬.

10. Bear right onto ‪Erasmus Road‬.

11. Turn left onto Kyrwicks Lane‬.

12. Bear right onto ‪Highgate Place‬.

13. You have arrived your destination THE SAFFRON CENTRE - BSS

Total distance: 118.4 miles (190.5 km )

Total estimated time: 2 hours and 9 min